New Amazon Affiliate Site Project Part 2

Currently, the new Amazon affiliate site I’ve been working on now has 19 posts. Eighteen of them are about single products. I also created a post targeting the keyword phrase “Christmas gift ideas”.

Appearance-wise, the site is product image heavy. I tried to figure out how to remove the date code in the WordPress theme I had purchased for the site but to no avail. I finally gave up trying to figure it out on my own and contacted support via their Facebook page. They responded less than 24 hours later with the code I needed to insert into the CSS of the theme to make the date disappear. The site now has a more “evergreen” look to it without the dates.

Today, I gave myself a quick refresher course on basic SEO as it pertains to the affiliate site.

Here are some of the basic SEO tips I implemented into each post:

  1. Front load your main keyword near the front of your title tag
  2. Use short SEO-friendly URLs (example: top-10-kitchen-blenders.html)
  3. Add multimedia to the post (videos, images)
  4. Include outbound links to related content from other sites
  5. Add your targeted keyword in the first paragraph of your post
  6. Add your keyword in an H1 tag (this is done automatically in WordPress)
  7. It’s very important that the pages on your site load very fast
  8. Add keyword modifiers where applicable in your title and post
  9. Don’t forget to use social sharing buttons for your post
  10. Search engines love content-rich posts
  11. Reduce your bounce rate by including internal links to other posts and pages when you write your post/article
  12. When possible, use relevant LSI keywords in your articles
  13. Add your keyword in the title and alt tags of your images
  14. Keep your most important content within 2-3 clicks from your homepage

Keep in mind that I’m no SEO expert. Ridiculously far from it. But even the basic SEO tips above will be helpful for each of my posts.

As for affiliate programs I will be using on the site, a lot of the programs I joined many years ago closed my accounts down because affiliate marketing wasn’t my focus in the past decade. So I had to reapply. Currently, I’m with:

  1. Amazon
  2. Ebay (reactivated)
  3. Walmart
  4. (reapplied)
    1. Touch of Modern
    2. Mini In The Box
    3. Bang Good
    4. Cost Plus World Market
    5. Several more that I haven’t received responses from yet
    6. A few that rejected my site (oh well. So many out there)

Like I mentioned before, the site won’t just be filled with nothing but affiliate posts. I will also talk about products that I find online that are appealing in some way or another. There won’t be any affiliate links in those posts but I will include outbound links to those products.

I looked at sites like and saw that the content was very short and punchy. This method works for that site because it’s a much older well-known domain and has lots of backlinks and social proof. My site is essentially an affiliate site like TIWIB but I’m including more content and utilizing SEO in each post. I’m aiming to make the site an authoritative site by including more information. More than likely I’ll also add a way for people to sign up with their email address so I can start building an email list. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Learn more about external links and our affiliate link policy here.

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