How I Packaged My First Etsy Order

I launched my Etsy sticker shop on August 6th with 8 listings. As of today I have 54 listings and received my very first sale yesterday.

While this was not my very first sale ever (I have a printable sticker shop that I opened back in February), it’s the first one for ImUpPastMidnight and I’m thrilled! It took 16 days but I did it. I know 1 sale is not the most amazing thing ever but it gives me tangible proof that I can do it.

I found the order notification on my phone when I got up this morning. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear the cha-ching sound. I love hearing it. Yeah I know. I’m a dork.

After taking care of mom duties, I finally buckled down and got to work. Even though I’ve had several years of experience physically packaging and shipping products for my Ebay and Amazon stores, this was the first time I had to ship anything for an Etsy customer. My printable sticker shop doesn’t require me to do anything but help customers via conversations on Etsy.

Even though I watched many videos on Youtube on how to package Etsy orders, I was still nervous. I rewatched a few of the videos and looked over my order. There were no convos from the customer waiting for me, so I proceeded to open up the Silhouette software and turned on the Silhouette cutter. I grabbed the files and printed the sticker sheet but then realized that I was printing with the wrong settings and the wrong paper. After I put the right paper in the printer and changed the settings, I printed the sticker sheet again.

Right away the cutter didn’t recognize the registration marks on the sticker sheet.

silhouette cameo registration

This message used to bug the hell outta me a few years ago. But now, not so much. When I got that message, I unloaded the mat by pressing the Unload button on the screen. Then I reloaded the matt and pressed the arrows on the bottom right of the touch screen. This took me to the enlarged version of the arrows. I manually moved the blade by pressing the arrows until the blade was over the first registration mark on the top left of the sticker sheet. Then I got back on my computer and chose “manual” which told the Silhouette Cameo to manually read the registration marks. This method has not failed me yet.

sticker sheet

As you can see from the above photo, I don’t do anything fancy with my sticker sheets. I get 2 sticker sheets per full size sticker page. I include my website, social link, and offer for a 15% coupon when the buyer joins my list. I also have a copyright line on the sticker sheet. But there is nothing else that would make my sticker sheet stand out or offer washis. It’s a very simple and functional sticker sheet layout. I chose this to reduce ink.

I almost forgot to mention that when I was attempting to cut the football sticker sheet, I couldn’t figure out why the blade wasn’t cutting. But I then looked closer and saw that there was a gap between the blade and the blade holder. I thought at first that would fix it. When I started up the cutter again, a white piece came off of the blade.

Silhouette cameo blade

I had 3 new blades so I just replaced it. The cutter was working once again.

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, I’ve watched many Youtube videos from other Etsy shop owners. I noticed that a good portion of them like to decorate their packages inside out. They like to make the packages look pretty, like the customer is receiving a gift. Unfortunately, my customers will not be getting that same kind of package from me. I do appreciate the fact that the shops take the time to make their packages pretty.

My package is functional and neat. It won’t look cute or pretty but my customers won’t get a crappy or messy looking package either.

etsy packaging

So on my way to the gym with my hubby, we dropped off my customer’s package inside the Post Office. Once I get a lot of orders per day, I will schedule for the mail lady to come pick them up at the house. More convenient that way. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Learn more about external links and our affiliate link policy here.

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