eBay Finally Kicked Me Out

I started selling on eBay back in 2003 and have sold there on and off all the way through 2016.

However, I completely stopped selling on eBay during the summer of 2018. This was because I found out from dropshippers in multiple Facebook forums that they were getting their accounts shut down by eBay. There was a lot of hate going around from sellers who felt like they were getting unfairly untargeted. It didn’t matter if they had been selling on eBay for many years, had huge businesses dependent on eBay, or tiny businesses. I got the feeling that they felt that they didn’t get any warning before their accounts got closed down.

For many years, I was told that dropshipping was ok on eBay. I even contacted eBay directly and received the “go ahead” from them. There was also a link that showed that eBay was ok with dropshippers as long as they followed the rules and kept the customers happy. I spent more time selling as a dropshipper on eBay than I did selling actual products I had on hand. It was just easier that way.

So last summer when I heard that sellers both big and small were getting their selling accounts shut down, I had a talk with hubby. We figured out that eventually, eBay was going to get around to us and shut us down. So instead of that happening, I decided to close up shop. I wasn’t making much money at that point any way. It wasn’t worth it anymore. I cancelled my eBay store subscription along with other subscriptions related to running a dropship business on eBay. I was done. Granted, it did take me awhile to accept that I was completely done selling as a dropshipper because I had done that for several years. Truth be told, I wasn’t a large dropshipper. I wasn’t even a medium-sized dropshipper to be honest. But it was something I did for so many years. It was hard to close that chapter in my life.

But as the months came and went, I got used to not selling on eBay. I played with the thought about thrifting and garage sale hopping so I can actually sell products that I had on hand. But it wasn’t a strong enough feeling. It was fleeting and went away.

So when I received an email from eBay yesterday that I was no longer in the Top Rated seller program, I shrugged it off with “Whatever. And your point is?” I haven’t sold anything on eBay in over 6 months. Maybe a few years ago I would have been butt hurt about it. Not today.

Guys, if you are a successful eBay seller, great! Be proud of that. I posted this here because I want y’all not to put all your eggs in one basket. Many people did with eBay and now they’re hurting financially. Don’t let this happen to you. Spread those eggs!

What are your thoughts and experiences with eBay and dropshipping? Post them below.

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