August 14 Etsy Shop Update

gardening planner stickers

As of yesterday, I now have a whopping 18 Etsy listings up. That’s a itty bitty speck in the vast ocean of Etsy. Not much to write home about.

So it’s not a surprise that I haven’t made any sales yet. I opened my new account on July 29 of this year. But I didn’t list anything until August 6. That’s when I listed my first 9 planner sticker sheets. I had to deactivate one of the listings after I tried to cut the stickers with my Silhouette cutting machine and I kept messing up no matter what settings I used. Instead of wasting printer ink or sticker paper, I decided to remove that particular sticker sheet from my shop.

I added 10 new listings yesterday. Since I have a printable planner sticker shop, I’ve been making listings of the stickers I’ve sold from that shop and putting them up for sale in my new shop. The difference is this shop sells physical sheets of the printable stickers from my other shop. Make sense?

Anyway, here are the newest sticker sheets available at the shop:

Gardening stickers

Notebook stickers

Trash day stickers

Coffee travel cup stickers

Birthday stickers

Camera stickers

Star stickers

Medical icon stickers

Pen icon stickers

Planner stickers


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